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Safety Measures:-

Consumer Safety

Electricity is a great convenience if handled properly. All customers are advised to observe safety precautions while handling electrical gadgets. Parents and wards have the onus of protecting children against any hazard posed by electricity. This Section deals with some of the do’s and don’ts to be observed while handling electric power.

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Save Power

Power is precious – One unit saved is equal to two units generated. It takes more than Rs. 4 crores of investment to products just one Megawatt of Electric Power!

In order to conserve power, customer should follow the philosophy of “Waste not, want not” so that power is available to more important areas like Hospitals, Railway, Transport and the like.

This Section gives you tips to save power. Please follow them with concern.

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Safety Aspects

The responsibility of ESCOM's is only to maintain power supply at the supply point which is the meter board fixed in the consumer's premises. The installation of the consumer starts after the meter board and it is the responsibility of the consumer to maintain it as per IE rules. It should be noted that any defect in the consumer's installation will have to be rectified by the consumer only through a licensed electrical contractor.

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