Office orders

n  Declaration of results of pre-promotional training exam conducted for MR/OS/ASK/Operator to be promoted as JE
n  4th Qtr ULB Grant released.Dated 07-05-2014
n  Revenue review Meeting Proceedings of 21-04-2014.Dated 07-05-2014
n  Cirular-Speedup the works of Water Supply Reg.Dated 07-05-2014
n  Circular of empanelment of Dr. Bagewadi's hospital.Dated 28-02-2014
n  Arbitration clause.Dated 22-02-2014
n  Release of grants and ULB release of Oct 2013 to Dec 2013.Dated 06-02-2014
n   Inter company Sports Prize Annoncements.Dated 03-02-2014
n  OM regarding PMC and Medical Section at HESCOM Corporate office Dated 16-12-2013
n  Inter Company Sports Meet At CESC Hasan Dated 11-12-2013
n  Inter Company Sports Meet BESCOM Bangalore Dated 11-12-2013
n  Sports Trainning Camp Dated 11-12-2013
n  Meeting Proccedings for the month of Sept-2013 held in 30-10-2013. Dated 25-11-2013
n  RR Meeting Notice for the month of october-2013. Dated 23-11-2013
n  InterState level companies Sports. Dated 18-09-2013
n  Circular Departmentle Exam of SAS. Dated 04-09-2013
n  Suspensation order of Shri Nagaraj. H .R AEE. Dated 30-08-2013
n  Amendments to the MOU for MFF. Dated 02-08-2013
n  New CUG SIMS Of Aug-2013 Dated 31-07-2013
n  Creation of pension cell in Hescom Dated 23-07-2013
n  Meeting Proceedings for the month of May-2013 held on 25-06-2013 Dated 22-07-2013
n  Revised Meeting Notice Dated 20-07-2013
n  Monthly Revenue Meeting in Blgm 25 and26 july 2013 Dated 18-07-2013
n  Remuneration payable to AE(Elec)andJE(Elec) Dated 01-07-2013
n  Formation of Trans committee Dated 01-06-2013
n  Circular- C & D Transfer Guidelines Dated 31-05-2013
n  Regarding handover of failed transformer to Stores.
n  Order: Allocation of Amount for Division and Subdivision due to accidents caused by Natural Calmalities Dated 04-05-2013.
n Circular- Implementaion of Kannada Language in Administration Dated 17-04-2013.
n Utilization of services of KAS (Retired) as consultant Dated on 13-03-2013.
n Extension of hired services of Legal Advisor Dated on 13-03-2013.
n Circulare.Dtd on-14-02-2013
n Formation of Grievance Redressal Committee for womens Dated on 31-01-2013.
n R&P Regulations1 Dated on 11-01-2013.
n House Orderlies1 Dated on 11-01-2013.
n Revision of TA DA1 Dated on 11-01-2013.
n Waiting Period Dated on 11-01-2013.
n Circular Dated 08.01.2013.
n Payment of Service Tax- New Reverse change Mechanism-Reg.
n Probationary Mazdoor Details Circular dated 23.11.2012.
n Departmental Enquiry. Circular dated 22.11.2012.
n Approval taking for transferred HESCOM employee before relieiving.Circular Dated 22.10.2012.
n new procedure for newly defined ndcpsfrom 1-09-2012 dated 29.08.2012.
n circular dated 13.09.2012.
n Movement circular dated 13.09.2012.
n circular dated 25.08.2012.
n Importing of Power by EHT & HT Consumer through Power Exchanges dated 03.08.2012.
n Modification of Import Billing OM dated 13.07.2012.
n Initiatives on Disaster Management dated 21.06.2012.
n Workshop on Tax matters dated 21.06.2012.
n Metering of Direct Connected BJ/KJ installation Dated 21.06.2012.
n To use new logo for Official correspondance dated 18.06.2012.
n CUG Official Memorandum dated 12.06.2012.
n (Paper Less Office) PLO Circular dated 12.06.2012.
n Monthly Tentative Tour Programme of all officials of HESCOM dated 24.05.2012.
n Approval for taking Broad Band Connections to various HESCOM Offices order dated 21.05.2012.
n Import Billing at Sub Division.
n Paperless Office PLO Dated 23.02.2011.
n Allotement of materials for works Dated 23.12.2011.
n Office Order dated 14.12.2011.
n Instructions regarding Tour Programme, Biometric attendance, inspection report dtd 10.08.2011.
n Recovery of long pending arrears under LT-1(BJ/KJ) category of consumers consuming more than 18 units. Dated 16.05.2011
n Regular Inspection and follow-up in HESCOM. Dated 30.04.2011
f Field inspection and revenue recovery drive in HESCOM- Mandatory Inspection by Nodal Officers. Dated 11.04.2011
n Checking of the tariff structure of the consumers dated 11.04.2011.
n Introducing ECS facility to all HESCOM employees dated 11.04.2011
n Maintaining inward and outward register for all the correspondence and files: Office order dtd 03.03.2011
n OFFICE ORDER Dtd 26.02.2011
n OFFICE ORDER Dtd 26.02.2011