n   Meeting Proceedings for the month of July-2013 held on 20-08-2013.
n   Increase in the Maximum limit for CUG mobile user.
n   Selection of the sport persons for ther 2012-13.
n Non sending ofhard copies of HT Bills to Corporate Office.
n Provisional Capital budget allocation for April-2013 to June-
n KERC Notification for pooled cost of Power purchase
n Regarding implementation of Asset ID for non-R-APDRP areas in HESCOM Dated 23-03-2013
n Regarding implementation of WIN in HESCOM DATED 23-03-2013
n Proceedings of Revenue Review meeting held at 17.01.2013.
n Proceedings of Revenue Review meeting held at 28.11.2012.
n Short Closure of Audit for the category LT-4 and LT-7.
n Deputation of AO,AAO for Revenue Inspection for the category LT-4 and LT-7.
n Deputation of Staff for Revenue Audit Date on 31.10.2012.
n Proceedings of Revenue Meeting held at Corporate office on 17.09.2012.
n Deputation of designated officers list for Revenue Audit work of HESCOM.
n Nominated Nodal Officers and Reporting Blank Formats for various activities of HESCOM.
n Blank Formats for updation of R-APDRP Financial progress of HESCOM.
n Recovery of Building and other Constructions works and welfare cess dated 03.08.2012.
n Divisionwise Target for the month of August-2012.
n Workshop on Tax matters conducted in HESCOM.
n Proceedings of Review Meeting of NJY works held on 29.05.2012.
n Enquiry details of Assistant Engineer(Ele.) Dated 29.05.2012.
n March Final 2012 Circular & Annexures.
n Reorganization of Hubli- Urban & Hubli-Rural and Dharwad-Urban & Dharwad- Rural Divisions Dtd 01.10.2011.
n Bifurcation of existing Belgaum Division into O&M Division, Belgaum Urban and O&M Division, Belgaum Rural Dtd 01.10.2011.
n List of HESCOM Officers with Landline Phone numbers and Residential address dtd 12.08.2011.
n Procedure for accounting of Materials under Turnkey Works dtd 10.06.2011
n HESCOM 8th Annual Report (2009-2010)
f Application (A-form) regularization of unauthorized IP sets
n Regularization of unauthorized additional load
i Common Schedule of rates 2010-11 (11 and 33 KV) for all ESCOM's