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Soujanya Counters:-

Soujanya Counters

To provide better service to customers, the Soujanya Counters and Service Stations are being remodeled and refurbished.

Better Customer Care for Greater Customer Satisfaction

Since it became operational HESCOM have undertaken a number of measures to improve customer care. These include:

Speedy response to customer complaints:
Systems have been put in place for attending to customer’s complaints quickly. Customers can even approach the Managing Director directly with their complaints, either through e-mail, letter or in person. Every Monday is observed as a Customer Grievance Redressal Day. All officers remain in Head quarters on that day.
Sensitising field staff to improve behaviour with customers:
Special efforts are being made to bring about an attitudinal change in the field staff attending to customer’s complaints. They have been sensitized to the need for courtesy, politeness and responsiveness while dealing with customers. HRD training is being given to them.
Uniforms/Identity Cards for meter readers:
All meter readers have been provided with uniforms and identity cards, to make it easier for customers to recognize them.

An environment friendly measure

To ensure proper trimming of trees, the field staff have been instructed to consult the area welfare associations before they take up such work.

Visitor’s Book

To address the problems of customers efficiently and to obtain their views and suggestions Visitor’s Books are placed in all the Sub-division / Division Offices. Customers can write down their problems / views / suggestions in these books and these will be attended to promptly. Customers can demand these books from concerned officers.

Soujanya Counters in each sub division 

 In all Sub-Divisions of 19 divisions of HESCOM including CSC
divisions Soujanya Counters are functioning.


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