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Safety Aspects:-

It is of paramount importance to the general public that every precaution and care has to be taken regarding electricity, associated lines and the equipments. The English adage that "Electricity is a good servant but a bad master" is perfectly true.

Inside the consumer's premises effective Earthing is to be ensured to as to minimize the electrical hazards. Earthing means an Electrical connection to the general mass of earth to provide safe passage to fault current to enable to operate protective devices and provide safety to personnel.

Objectives Of Earthing:-

  • To ensure that no part of equipments, other than live parts, assume dangerous potential.
  • To allow sufficient current to flow safely for proper operation of protective devices.
  • To suppress dangerous potential gradients on the earth surface which may cause incorrect operation of control & protective devices and also may cause shock or injury to personnel.
  • Provide stability of voltage, prevent excessive voltage peaks during disturbances and protect against lightning surges. it is advisable to provide earth leakage protection device, called Earth leakage circuit breaker(ELCB). This will automatically switch off the power supply in case of leakage of electricity, thus protecting the user from any electrical hazard.