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Subsidy to Consumers:-

1. Bhagya Jyoti and  Kutir Jyothi

This is a scheme of providing one bulb connection to poor rural households. At present, there are about 7.67 lakh consumers who are benefited by this scheme. At present this category is subsidised by Govt. of Karnataka at the Commission determined Tariff of Rs.5.98 per unit (Tariff Order 2016) up to 18 units subject to a minimum of Rs.30/-per month.

2. Irrigation Pump Sets

  •  Free Power is being supplied to IP Sets of 10 HP & below which is subsidised by Govt. of Karnataka at the  Commission determined Tariff  of Rs. 5.56 per unit up to the specific consumption of 8244 units per IP Set per annum as approved by the Hon’ble KERC vide Tariff Order 2016.
  • Various schemes of tariff rebates are also provided to deserving sections of the society as approved by the KERC.
  • Under LT-2(a) tariff schedule, a rebate of 25 paise per unit is given for a House / School / Hostels meant for Handicapped, Aged Destitute and Orphans and Rehabilitation Centres under Tariff Schedule LT-2(a).
  • A rebate of 50 paise per unit of electricity consumed subject to a maximum of Rs.50/- per installation per month will be allowed to Tariff schedule LT-2(a), if solar water heater system is installed and used. Where Bulk Solar Water Heater System is installed, Solar Water Heater rebate shall be allowed to each of the individual installations, provided that, the capacity of solar water heater in such apartment / group housing shall be a minimum capacity of 100 Ltr per household.
  • A rebate of 20% on fixed charges and energy charges will be allowed in the monthly bill in respect of public telephone booths having STD/ISD/FAX facility run by handicapped people, under Tariff schedule LT-3.
  • A rebate of 2 paise per unit will be allowed if capacitors are installed as per clause 23 of Conditions of Supply of Electricity of the Distribution Licensees in the state of Karnataka in respect of all metered IP set installations.